President's Message



I am ChoonHo Kim, founding and current President of SUNY Korea.


Welcome to SUNY Korea, where we make history through education with an eye to the future.


In this day and age, everything is changing very rapidly; we live in a world where all things are uncertain. At a time like this, we need well prepared global citizens who can take the lead; SUNY Korea’s purpose of existence is to cultivate such global leaders.


‘Global Leader’ possesses three important traits, which I call MAP. They are 1. Mission orientated 2. Ability to solve problems and 3. Upright Personality; SUNY Korea will rigorously educate our students to possess these traits, fostering creativity to actively engage in the changes of the new era, embracing cultural diversity and; ultimately developing global leadership. We want our students to be pioneers through both academic and experiential learning; to live a meaningful and ‘valuable life’ or in another words a ‘worthwhile life’.


Korea has accomplished phenomenal economic growth in just half a century. Behind the scenes of this growth, education played a key role in cultivating future leaders. Through the experience and know-how Korea has obtained, SUNY Korea will also educate our students to foster more growth for Korea and to also share it with other nations. Also through our own Residential College programs, students learn and experience voluntary service, leadership, entrepreneurship, character building, etc.


The future measure of SUNY Korea’s success will be whether we have cultivated global leaders with upright purposes in their lives and whether they are making positive impact to the society. My desire is that SUNY Korea will play a pivotal role in nurturing leaders who will bring shared prosperity for all mankind, becoming History Makers.


History Makers. We Change the World.


ChoonHo Kim, Ph.D.