[IMPORTANT] 2019 Fall New Student Welcome Week

Announcementㅣ2019-08-12 13:33
Campus residency is mandatory for all undergraduate students of SUNY Korea.
IF YOU DID NOT APPLY FOR HOUSING, PLEASE CONTACT THE STUDENT SERVICES & CAREER TEAM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please keep in mind that you still have to attend ALL of the orientation programs as it is MANDATORY.

Move-in Dates for 2019 August new students (17-week) will be from August 16~18.   

- Housing Office Hours:
   · Aug. 16 (Fri.): 9AM - 12PM / 1PM - 6PM / 7PM - 10PM
   · Aug. 17-18 (Sat. & Sun.): 9AM - 12PM / 1PM - 5PM
- Move-in on Monday, Aug. 19 is also an option, but we do not recommend this date as you will be busy taking the Placement Exams.
- IGC Cafeteria will be closed during the holiday and weekend.
- The Resident Assistants (RAs) will be working on Sunday, August 18 from 1 pm - 5 pm to help you move in. If you'd like to meet them in advance, you may choose to move-in on Sunday afternoon.
*Please contact the IGC Housing Office if you wish to change your move-in date (IGC Housing: /

Individual schedule for the Writing and Math Placement Exams on Monday, August 19 will be sent out separately to your email.
Provisional students will take their IEC Placement Exam separately.
*Intensive English Center:

Registration for orientation starts at 9:30 AM on Tuesday, August 20 at Academic Bldg B Lobby. (9:30 AM - 10:30 AM)
You should bring both of the following documents:
 - a copy of your Korean Identification Card (주민등록증 사본) *not applicable for non-Korean students
 - a copy of your passport photo page (여권 사본)
There will be no printer or copy machine available at the registration booth. Please bring duplicate copies of your IDs.
*Student Services & Career Team:

You should also bring your final transcript and certificate of your high school graduation diploma if you haven't submitted them to the Admissions Team yet.
*Admissions Team:

Bring your own laptop for course registration on Thursday, August 22.
If you don’t have a laptop, please contact the Student Services Team as early as possible.
*Student Services & Career Team:

Thank you.


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