IGC Housing Application for Continuing Students Spring 2020

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The time has come to sign up for your next semester housing!
  • The Housing website will take applications from October 14-31: Details are in the attached file. See the attached poster for details. 
  • This semester there will be one flat rate and students may move in anytime between 16-18 weeks. Payment and TB tests will be due in December.
  • IGC ID: To log into the website, you must use your IGC ID.  If you do not have one, please register here:  
    • *Please use your university email and correct University ID number for IGC ID sign up. 
  • ONLY ONE Application Period: There is only one application for all continuing students. This means if you are on campus right now, you need to apply!*  Room types (single or double) are not guaranteed so apply early. For those who have completed the Live on Campus Requirement, IGC Housing space is not guaranteed so apply early.
  • To chose a roommate: use your roommate's full English name and school ID number as it is registered with the school to ensure accurate matching.
  • To chose a floor: all floor-mates should put the same floor number in the preference question for accurate matching. Remember, lower floors and kitchen floors are more popular, so there is a better chance that you will be put on the same floor if you chose a different floor.
  • For a better chance of getting your choice of roommate (Dorm A) or floor (Dorm B), apply early and submit ALL necessary documents and payment ASAP. Any request written in Korean will not be considered.
  • Live on Campus Requirement ChangeLiving in campus housing is required until 2 of 4 RC semesters as a matriculated student have been completed for SBU students and 2 semesters completed for FIT students. Check out the full policy that will be ineffect as of January 1st for next semester here.
  • If you plan to apply for an exemption, the deadline for fully-completed exemption applications including application, supporting documentation, and Counselor meeting, is October 25, 2019. Contact for an exemption application.
Some questions you might have:
Why are we applying so early this semester?
Applying during the semester will help students remember to apply on time while they are still on campus. It also allows for more thorough preparation by IGC Housing and the University for the next semester.
What if I'm not sure if I will be here next semester?
Payment and TB tests are not due until December, so go ahead and apply to save your space! If you change your mind, you can cancel your application before payment is due.
Do I have to pay for next semester right now?
No, payment and TB tests are not due until December.
What if I am applying for the military and don't know if I got into the program?
Go ahead and apply! IGC Housing has a policy for those who must go to the military that allows you to cancel your application and receive a refund.


*Note for Graduate Students: Housing is only available in the single rooms in Dorm B. Graduate students are not required to live on campus.

*Note for students returning from Leave and Military, only with appropriate documentation, you will be permitted to apply during the later application as well as this period.

*Note for All Students: you are responsible for all information related to your housing. All IGC Housing information is available on the IGC Housing websiteAll SUNY Korea updated policies are listed on the SUNY Korea websiteAny emails sent from the University are friendly reminders


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