[USC] Fundraising Campaign for Taeyu Lim (Date: 10/28 - 11/7)

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Dear students,

This email is from the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) regarding their fundraising campaign:

USC is holding a campaign for 2 weeks to fundraise for SUNY Korea's graduate student, Taeyu Lim (Ray), who is currently battling cancer.

Here are some explanations about his conditions:

I.    He was initially diagnosed with a rare illness called aplastic anemia. His first bone-marrow transplant was not successful. 
II.   His medical condition then developed to leukemia and affected his brain (epilepsy). Currently, he is unable to move half of his body.
III.  He has difficulties speaking, sitting, and moving; tasks many of us may find very simple. 
IV.  His condition is extreme; he had to have his appendix and spleen removed.
V.   His immune system is very weak = about 1/3 of a healthy person
VI.  He has a very low platelet count, around 2000. Normal people have around 14,000. 

In order to help him, USC will be holding a fundraising campaign for the next 2 weeks. 
  • Dates: 
    • October 28 (Monday) ~ November 1 (Friday)
    • November 4 (Monday) ~ November 7 (Thursday)  
  • Time: 12 P.M. ~ 7 P.M. 
  • Place: In front of IGC Cafeteria
We will be collecting money in multiple ways:
- Bank Account: 472-042505-01-018 (IBK) (김준섭/Junseob Kim) 
- There will be a collection box in front of the cafeteria

We are selling phone grips (5,000 won) and notebooks (4,000 won) for this week. More items will be sold soon!

Poster for Taeyu Lim.jpg

Please note, USC is NOT earning ANY TYPE of money or service through this fundraising campaign. ALL of the money that is donated and collected will be sent to Taeyu Lim directly. Donation is a choice and any help will be highly appreciated. We apologize in advance for those who feel uncomfortable about this campaign. Please understand that it is not mandatory to participate in this fundraising campaign.

If you have any questions regarding this fundraising, please contact the Undergraduate Student Council at

Thank you.

Best regards,


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