2020 Spring Schedule for New Students (Date: 2/25-28)

Announcementㅣ2020-02-18 09:22


Dear New Student,


Campus residency is mandatory for all new undergraduate students of SUNY Korea.
IF YOU DID NOT APPLY FOR HOUSING YETPLEASE APPLY FOR THE FINAL HOUSING APPLICATION (FEB. 24-26). You can find more information at the IGC Housing Website and your email on how to apply.

- IGC Cafeteria schedule:
Feb. 17 - 21 / open for lunch 11:30 - 14:00 (closed on weekend)
Feb. 24 - through the end of semester / open for breakfast, lunch & dinner
*Closed during national holidays
IGC Housing Office Hours:
Feb. 17 - 23: 9AM - 12PM / 1PM - 5PM
- The Resident Assistants (RAs) will be waiting for our new students on Monday, February 24 from 2PM - 6PM to help with move in. If you'd like to meet them in advance, you may choose to move-in on Monday afternoon.
*Please contact the IGC Housing Office if you wish to change your move-in date (IGC Housing: / / 032-626-4856)


Please find your individual schedule for the Writing and Math Placement Exam(s) in your email.
a. Matriculating students - Tuesday, February 25
b. Provisional (IEC) students - Wednesday, February 26
*Intensive English Center:

3. REGISTRATION (Document Submission)
a. Provisional (IEC) students - Wednesday, February 26
b. Matriculating students - Friday, February 28

You should bring both of the following documents:
 - a copy of your Korean Identification Card (주민등록증 사본) *not applicable for non-Korean students
 - a copy of your passport photo page (여권 사본)
There will be no printer or copy machine available at the registration booth. Please bring duplicate copies of your IDs.
*Student Services & Career Team:

You should also bring your OFFICIAL final transcript and certificate of your high school graduation diploma if you haven't submitted them to the Admissions Team yet.
*Admissions Team:

4. COURSE REGISTRATION (for matriculating students ONLY)

Bring your own laptop for course registration on FridayFebruary 28.
Please check your email from the Academic Office for your course registration schedule (time & location).

We'll see you next week!

Thank you.


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