[Career Center] IGC커리어부트캠프: Winter 2021 IGC Career Boot Camp

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Dear Students,

  • SUNY Korea CDC is proud to announce our first comprehensive, inspiring Winter 2021 IGC Career Boot Camp, which will unfold throughout the days of February 1-2. The two-day workshops are designed to provide students with all-inclusive guidelines and case-studies to achieve successful employment. They will cover the entire application process from Industry Trends, Key to Successful Job Applications, Cover Letter and Resume and Interview Preparation (both in English and Korean). The intensive workshops aim to be both in-depth and practical; if you are a senior (U4) at SBU or a sophomore (U2) at FIT making an entry into the professional world, your attendance is highly recommended. Meanwhile, the Boot Camp welcomes all students of all majors & backgrounds. RSVP is necessary, so we advise all interested students to register early and enjoy the maximum benefit of your participation. For complete information, read below.   

        • Workshop: Winter 2021 IGC Career Boot Camp 
        • Date: Monday-Tuesday, February 1-2, 2021
        • Time: 10am-3pm (4 hours/day)
        • Target Audience: IGC 4 Universities (Main Target: Seniors (U4) / Open to All Students)   
        • Venue: via. Zoom (Zoom Link will be provided upon registration)  
        • Program:
    • Day 1 (Korean)

    Part 1


    Korean Cover Letter

    Part 2


    Korean Interview for Key Major Companies

    Day 2


    Part 1


    English Resume / Cover Letter

    Part 2


    English Interview Case Study

**First Day of Workshop (Day 1) will be held in Korean. Korean fluency is required for Day 1.
Second Day (Day 2) will be in English. You can register separately.

n  Day 1: Monday, February 1, 2021

Part 1. Guide to Successful Application Form





Basics of

Successful Applications

1)  Understand the Screening Process and Evaluation Criteria

2)  How to Successfully Move Beyond the Document Screening

3)  Overall Guideline to Writing Competent Cover Letter


Key to

Successful Applications

1)  Writing Tips for sections asking

Motivation / Career Aspirations

2)  Corporate Analysis and Applications

3)  Review of Outstanding Cover Letter Samples


Part 2. Key Strategies for Successful Interview (by Type)





Interview Types

1)    Importance of Interview in Employment Screening

2)    Changes made to Interview Process after Covid-19

3)    Interview Process for Key Major Companies


Key Strategy

by Interview Types

1)    Strategy for each Interview Type

-      No-Contact (AI, Virtual Interview)

-      In-Person

 (PT, Debate Interview, Personality Interview)

2)    Answering Strategy for Key Interview Questions


n  Day 2: Tuesday, February 2, 2021





(30 minutes)

Key to attaining Successful Employment in Korea

1)  Recruitment Process and Trend in Korea

2)  Key Reference Sources for Recruitment Info & Status

3)  Key Industry, Company and Job and Personal Analysis

4)  Guide to Effective Career Preparation for University Students


(1.5 hour)

Key Strategy to Successful English Resume & Cover Letter

1)  Intro to English Resume and Cover Letter and Key Strategy to a Winning Paper

2)  Positive and Winning Phases and Expressions Review. Do’s and Don’ts

3)  Review of Outstanding Resume and Cover Letter Samples


(2 hour)

Key Strategy to Successful Interviews and Q&A

1)  Essentials of Personality and Competency Interview, Evaluation Criteria, Key Questions and Interview Preparation Strategy

2)  Preparation Strategy for English Interviews. Evaluation Criteria, Key Questions and Strategy

3)  Key Determining Factors to Evaluation based on Interviewer Experience

4)  Q&A with all aspects of Career Preparation/ Employment



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