[Career Center] Key Internships & Contests 4월1주차 인턴십 및 공모전

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Dear Students, 

We highlight to you a list of noteworthy April 1st Week - internship and contest opportunities which are actively recruiting applicants and students. For complete contest information, click open the PDF summary attached.

For Graduating Seniors (English Descriptions Available):

1. [Procter & Gamble (P&G)] Year-round Internship (Rolling Basis)
2. [Procter & Gamble (P&G)] Summer Internship - Product Supply / Sales / Finance  

3. [Intel] Graduate Technical Intern - Data Center Account Team 

4. [Schneider Electric] IT Internship   *NEW*

5. [TikTok] Public Policy / Korean Eco/ Entertainment Marketing / Content Partnership - 4 positions available 

6. [Adjust] Marketing Intern  

7. [WorldQuant] Quantitative Researcher 

8. [ThermoFisher Scientific] Field Consultant, Digital Science (Software / LIMS) Intern 

9. [Adobe] Research Intern for Natural Language Processing (for PhD, Master students in CS or TSM) *NEW*
10. [Keysight Technologies] Sales, Intermediate  *NEW*
11. [DNV Korea] Summer Internship - Surveyor Role / Approval Expert Role (MEC majors)  *NEW* 

Key Internships (English Descriptions Available):

1. [Philips] Procurement Intern (BUS majors)  *NEW*
2. [Qualcomm] Machine Learning Researcher Intern  
3. [Amazon] Business Development Intern 
4. [Amazon Web Services] AWS Next Gen Internship Program - Korea 2021 (July - January) - for Juniors
5. [Nielsen Global Media] Korean Language Editor (12months contract)

6. [Bear Robotics] Software Engineer Intern 

For Graduating Seniors (With a chance for full-time employment):

1. [E-LAND] LLOYD Marketing Intern 
2. [SK Magic] Management/ Product Design Intern 
3. [KB Asset ManagementOCIO Intern 
4. [ID.US] MD Recruitment  * NEW *
5. [Daewoo E&C] Open Recruitment  
6. [Hyundai Motor] Strategy Intern 
7. [Jahwa Electric] Computational Development 
8. [CROWN] IT / Research Development / Management Intern * NEW *
9. [Hyundai Motor] Intern for all areas * NEW *
10. [Naver] SW Development Recruitment *NEW *
11. [Haitai] Marketing / Management Recruitment * NEW *
12. [DBASE&] JAVA Developer Intern * NEW *
13. [Lotte World] Digital Strategy Recruitment * NEW * 
14. [MERITZ Alternate Investments] Business / Finance Intern  * NEW * 
15. [Homeplus] Product Management Intern * NEW *
16. [LEADING Asset Management] Investment Intern  * NEW * 
17. [Siemens] Data Analyst Intern *NEW*

Key Internships:
1. [SNOW] Content Production Intern 
2. [NAVER] [Clova CIC] AI/ML Intern 
3. [UNIQLO] Global Management Program 2021 - Summer Internship * NEW *
4. [Kakao Makers] MD Intern * NEW *
5. [Daangn Market (당근마켓)] Business Strategy & Operations Intern * NEW *
6. [BMW Korea] Available in all area * NEW *
7. [Kakao Enterprise] Kakao i-AI Service * NEW *  
8. [ABLY] Youtube Design / Instagram Contents Intern 

9. [SIEMENS] IT Infrastructure / Regulatory Affairs / SI Project Manager Intern 

10. [SK Chemical] HR Intern 

11. [Hansoll Textile] Design Intern 

12. [Naver] Papago Machine Learning Engineer Intern 
13. [Tridge] Research Assistant Internship  


1. [Gyeonggido] 3D Printer Auxiliary Equipment Contest 
2. [SKC] Technology Development Contest 
  • Contest Deadline: Tuesday, April 13
  • Link: SKC      

3. [Korea Packaging Center] 2021 Student Packaging Contest 

4. [Naver] CLOVA AI RUSH Contest 
5. [Ministry of Science and ICT] Nano Technology Contest 

6. [Hyundai Engineering] Smart Safety Technique Contest * NEW *
7. [Woori Bank] Woori Bank ON TACT Hackerton 

8. [ManTech] Open Infra Development Competition 

9. [The IMC] Textom Thesis Contest 
10. [Korea Game Development] Global Game Production Contest * NEW *

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