[IGC] IGC Library Work-Study for Summer Vacation

Announcementㅣ2018-06-05 11:32


IGC Library Work-Study for Summer Vacation, 2018

Work-Study positions for the summer vacation of 2018 in Incheon Global Campus(IGC) Library are open to students. For those who are interested are welcome to turn in Work-study Job Application Form to the library.

1. Qualifications: Undergraduates or graduate students who are currently enrolled at the universities in Incheon Global Campus

2. Working Periods: June 22nd, 2018 ~ August 31st, 2018

3. Rate of pay: 8,500(KRW) per hour

4. Steps to apply & Notice of job offer

 a. Application periods

   • June. 18th 2018 ~ June. 20th 2018 (closing at 15:00)

 b. How to apply

   • For those who does not follow the direction below will be disqualified.

   • Fill outWork-Study Job Application Formand submit it to the help desk at IGC Library only ONCE.

   (Duplication or correction will NOT be accepted once you turn in the form)

   • Use 한글/MS Word to fill in the application, then print out the form and turn it in to the library (09:00 ~ 18:00).

c. Duty Hours: Maximum of 15 hours per week & 60 hours per month.

   • Check all the available hours and days that you wish to work on the application form  IGC library will schedule work hours from the form and give notice to applicants. (Once you accept the job offer, you cannot change the schedules)

d. Notice of job offer: Text message will be sent on June. 21st.

   • Notice will be sent to successful applicants only.

5. Priority

   • Priority will be given to students who can work at 09:00 ~ 13:00 weekdays.

   • Priority will be given to students who are skilled at using computer programs (Excel, PowerPoint...etc.)

6. Duty of work-study job

   • Assistance to overall control of the library.

7. Notice

   • The schedules of duty hours and days cannot be changed after accepting the job offer.

    The workers are not allowed to quit their work due to personal reasons unless he or she has inevitable reasons such as accidents or diseases.

    The workers may be disqualified from the work if he or she makes troubles such as lateness, showing poor performance.

8. Contact

   • Please contact the help desk at IGC Library (1st Floor).