[Invitation from Hippie Korea] Boryeong Mud Festival

Announcementㅣ2018-06-27 14:53

Always hip Boryeong Mud Festival ^^ We offer you MudTrip at the beach with Mud Ticket Reservation, Cute Guide, Bag / Cloth Surveillance, Private Resting Spot with Parasol and Floating Devices!!!!!!!!

To all Mud-Lovers, Beach Goers, Festival Observers.

Saturday - July 14th / 15th / 21st / 22nd , we will bring you to the beach and mud festival ^^ Yuppie!!!

Reservation (first filled out have priority, followed by bank transfert):
See all infos in the form.

Purpose of the trip: Enjoy the Crazyness at the beach, Mingle with Muddy folks, or simply relax with your family and children but still enjoy the shows and excitement of the near by Mud-festival ( without mingling with the crazy crowds) including the AirJet Show over the Beach and Concerts

Cost Bus-Ride only:
- 35,000 Won per Person / per Seat Early Bird with Bank-Transfer until June 30th^^)
- 40,000 Won per Person / per Seat for normal admission from July 2nd ~ )

For any infos, you may call our Hippie-Korea travel hotline:

What will be provided:

- Bus Transportation

- English/Korean Speaking Guide

- Parasol rental & Resting Place reservation (for group )

- Bag & Cloths Surveillance - so you can bring them all to the beach

- 2 Floating Devices

What to bring:

- A Diving / Water Pouch for your phone & Cash ! So when you go to the mudzone.. you can still carry your phone with you!!

- What ever you need for a day at the beach :-)

- Suncream, Sun-hat, Swim-suit, Floating Devices,

- Napkin blanket, towels, soap,

- Snacks, Individual LUnch & snacks.

- If you bring your own Grill , you can do a small BBq at the beach.

- Sun-tent or wind-breaker

- Ballgames, Frizbee etc

Kindly leave a message to if you want to reserve your seat in the bus and get a Mud-festival Ticket.