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#13 Interview of Rediet, SUNY Korea CS Graduate

History makersㅣ2021-10-07 15:18

The Computer Science (CS) Department at SUNY Korea Stony Brook University equips students with future-oriented knowledge and skills. 

Identical to that at the Stony Brook main campus, the CS program at SUNY Korea provides professional education in computer science to prepare students for a career in the computing field.

Are you curious to find out what SUNY Korea CS graduates are up to after graduation?

Please check out the story of Rediet, a CS graduate at SUNY Korea.

1) Could you briefly introduce yourself?

 My name is Rediet. I am originally from Ethiopia. I did my bachelor’s in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, with a double major in Applied Math and Statistics, at SUNY Korea. I am a Stony Brook 2021 graduate.

2) What is your current job responsibility at Microsoft? Tell me about your career path after graduation.

 After graduation, I joined Microsoft. I work in Azure which is a Cloud+AI organization of Microsoft. I work specifically in the Network Verification team. We verify any type of Network configuration changes to make sure that the Network is safe before and after the changes are administered.


3) What is the most memorable experience/achievement you had as an undergraduate student at SUNY Korea?

SUNY Korea has introduced me to different people from different cultures and backgrounds. The environment we had there helped me to expand my mindset and experience the world that I am living in right now. The time we had together to learn, help each other and even hangout and do activities despite our differences was the most beautiful and memorable experience. Midnight breakfasts right before exams were also memorable.


4) How do you think SUNY Korea’s CS program shaped you as the person you are right now?

The CS program at SUNY Korea has prepared me to tackle the challenges I face every day as a Software engineer. Starting from the programming skills I need to do my job, to working professionally in a team-setting, these qualities were all introduced through the classes I took. But mainly, despite the details, the biggest thing I learned is to be able to work on projects and technologies that I am not familiar with by teaching myself during the process of doing it. This is a very important skill to have, because we live in a dynamic world, so the ability to keep learning and update oneself without being intimidated is crucial.


5) Do you have any tips for students who are looking for job opportunities?

For CS students who are looking for a job, I would advise them to make coding their habit and solve problems on sites like leetcode or hacker rank on a daily basis. However, the ability to categorize questions into different buckets and approach them strategically is more important than solving a lot of problems. So I don’t want them to be caught up with doing questions rather than learning from them. I would also encourage them to be content in the application process and focus on the process rather than the result. The process of looking for a job can be frustrating, but it helps them brush up on their skills and prepare them for the job they want. Failing an interview can be unpleasant but it is part of the process. Hence, they should be comfortable with that and continue to learn and try again. I would also recommend them to apply to as many places as they  can and do a lot of interviews, rather than just waiting for “the one interview”. They should take the opportunity to interview when they can. Even if you don’t want the job, you will learn from the process of doing the interview as it prepares you for future interviews.


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