Research & Business Development Foundation / Admissions Team Intern

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 Job Opening


Number of Employees

Job Description

Research & Business Development Foundation


- Administrative support (Enactment of Policies and Regulations, Introduction of the research management system)

- Manage overhead expenses and income

- Create and review expense reports of research funds

- Research project support (RCMS, EZbaro)

- Other research support tasks

Admissions Team


- Application Management Support: Follow up with interviews, application submission

- Providing admissions information/responding to call-ins/walk-ins

- Supporting admissions events such as Roadshow, information sessions, visiting school

- Reaching out to domestic/overseas organizations to expand network


 Interview Process

Application Review   ->   Job Interview



   1) Contract period

    - Research & Business Development Foundation : 6 months

    - Admissions Team : 4 months

  2) Salary based SUNY Korea salary regulation (Four basic insurance, meal expense included)


 Application Method & Schedule

    - Application deadline: November 26, 2020 (Deadline extended for Admissions Team position)

- Submit resume (in English and Korean), cover letter(국문 자소서) to



   1) Submitted documents and other information will not be returned.

   2) Disqualification may occur as a result of the followings:

     - Falsity / Crucial mistakes on documentation

     - Deadline miss

     - Out of contact

     - Late arrival

   3) The University may not hire new employees, if there are no strong candidates.


 Contact for Inquiries

    Human Resources & Operations Team, 


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Regular Deadline: July 16(Fri), 2021
Fall 2021 FIT Application
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Regular Deadline: April 30 (Fri), 2021
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