Human Resources & Operations, Academic, Assistant to the Vice Presiden…

JOBㅣ2018-12-20 16:13

1. Job Description


2. Recruitment Method

   : Open competitive recruitment 

3. Recruitment Schedule


*The schedule is subject to change.

4. Qualifications

   1) Fluent in English and Korean (both speaking and writing)

   2) AICPA-certified applicants are preferred for Academic Team and Human Resources &

       Operations Team.

   3) Relevant work experience and/or educational background preferred

5. Conditions

    1) Contract period: One year contract and renewable with satisfactory performance

    2) Salary: Payment may vary based on applicant's career and SUNY Korea salary regulation

       (Four basic insurance)


6. Application Materials

    Apply online from the following link : online job application form

    Please submit your resume and cover letter, both in English and Korean (4 documents in total).


7. Others

   1) Submitted documents and other information will not be returned.

   2) Disqualification may occur as a result of the followings:

    - Falsity / Crucial mistakes on documentation

    - Deadline miss

    - Out of contact

    - Late arrival

   3) The University may not hire new employees, if there are no strong candidates.

8. Contact for Inquiries

   Human Resources & Operations Team,