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[IGC Journal] Interview with Wonki Min, New President of SUNY Korea

Press Releaseㅣ2020-05-18 09:50

Thank you for your congratulations. SUNY Korea has made tremendous progress both in quantity and quality of education for the past eight years. I believe it is time for SUNY Korea to take another leap to nurture the global talents. The goal is to make SUNY Korea one of the best global higher education institutions in the Asia Pacific region together with our students, faculty and staff.

What is the biggest value you have for university management?

Universities are public institutions in which many different members participate, including students, faculty, parents, graduates, entire communities and the government. Transparency is believed to be most important in order to help these public institutions operate well. Foreign educational institutions particularly have a more diversity of interests than ordinary South Korean universities, so it is necessary to build trust through more active communications, and I will continue to do my best to this end. 

What made you choose SUNY Korea?

What I felt through my public career and experience in the past was that human resources are most important in the end. How to foster the development of good talents determines the future of a country. I had experience in teaching students at SUNY Korea in 2017, and I decided that I should come back to school after completing my public career while watching the students growing into global talents at that time. What has also led me to this position is my belief that SUNY Korea is an educational institution that can cultivate true global leaders that this era really needs.

What do you think are the unique advantages and roles of SUNY Korea?

SUNY Korea was the first American university to be opened in South Korea in 2012, and it has grown into the largest foreign institution of higher education in the country. SUNY Korea selects the best departments in the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) of the prestigious SUNY to provide education that is well matched for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. SUNY Korea also allows students to enjoy research and other various opportunities while communicating closely with excellent faculty members with the ratio of students to professors standing at 9.3 to 1. A great advantage is that all students live on campus and experience various cultures and community life through residential college life. In this optimal environment, SUNY Korea is presenting a new educational paradigm and nurturing talent who will make a difference in the world.

What are the university's plans and progress following the recent revision relating to industry-academia cooperation for foreign educational institutions?

We would like to thank the Incheon Metropolitan City, the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the IGC Foundation, and the legislators of local constituencies for their efforts to revise the law. Currently, led by its vice president in research, SUNY Korea is making preparations to form an industry-academia cooperation group in August when the law will take effect by creating a task force. With this opportunity, all of our students and professors will strive to share the fruits obtained from research with the companies in our community and contribute to the development of local industries.

Lastly, please say something to those who care about SUNY Korea.

SUNY Korea has achieved huge growth over the past eight years. I am confident that if all of our students, the faculty, and graduates work together for the development of the school, SUNY Korea will soon become a university that provides the best-in-class AI education with a focus on STEAM-related major fields in South Korea and the Asia Pacific, and will cultivate great talents to make a change in the world.

Source: IGC Journal 2020 Spring


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