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Press Releaseㅣ2018-06-08 17:38

On June 4th, more than 70 people, including CEO of Robin K Apparel Company, Billy Kang, SUNY Korea President, Choonho Kim, and Vice-president, Jongsu Kim, Fashion Business Management Department Chair, Professor Robin Baxter, and Fashion Design Department Chair, Lisa Donofrio, attended the opening ceremony. 

The learning lab, named ‘Retail Revolution’, was planned to increase the understanding of practical experience for FIT students studying fashion at SUNY Korea.

Through this store, students will have the opportunity to experience the process of fashion business from styling to visual merchandising, clothing display, inventory maintenance, customer management, and retail management. 

The opening ceremony consisted of a ribbon cutting ceremony, a congratulatory speech from Billy Kang, and a fashion show. Attendees were able to enjoy a fashion show held by 10 students from FIT’s Fashion Design Department and Fashion Business Management Department. 

Billy Kang stated, “I sincerely congratulate the creation of a special place for students,” and “I look forward active exchange and cooperation between FIT and Robin K, which is actively developing a fashion business based in the U.S.

SUNY Korea FIT Fashion Business Management Department Chair, Professor Robin Baxter, said “I am thrilled to be able to open a place in SUNY Korea FIT that I dreamed of opening while working at the New York FIT home campus,” and “through this, the strength of FIT, which places importance on industry field and practical experience, has been enhanced, and I hope this lab will be useful as a practical site for students to understand the fashion industry.”

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Source and picture: Korea Herald Business / June 5, 2018