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“Developing ‘Thinking Strength’ in Class Helped to Find My Job”

Press Releaseㅣ2019-03-28 14:12

Hyeong Jin Kang (26) graduated from SUNY Korea last December and became a new employee of the world no. 1 shipping enterprise called APM-Maersk Group. APM-Maersk Group has actively developed its business in 130 countries to connect customers and supply chains all around the world.

Kang emphasized how he developed the ‘thinking strength’ during his college years at SUNY Korea through project-oriented courses which helped him to find his current job. Most of the courses he took at SUNY Korea use the learning method of forming a group, selecting a topic, defining a problem, investigating a market, and coming up with a solution. The ratio of faculty to a student is nearly 1:10 which enabled him to closely and openly communicate with professors. Moreover, SUNY Korea students can closely interact with all the members at SUNY Korea through the residential college program.

Kang said, “The class that I remember the most is learning how to analyze a particular market and make suggestions to a virtual customer based on the analysis.” He then added, “This kind of training helped me to look at different issues in a multifaceted way and present solutions during my job interview.’ As a result, he got the position by showing his ability to observe and catch the situation of the company in various perspectives including market, policy, and products.

The distinction of an American university located in Korea also helped Mr. Kang to find a job position in the international enterprise because those enterprises recruit people not only who have global experiences but also a deep understanding of Korean culture. Kang said, “I was educated under the American university system, SUNY, with students from across the world.” Kang added, “Because the school encouraged me to think outside of box, I was able to try many different things.”

Being proactive to find job opportunities in addition to his studies also led Kang to enter the company after graduation. While he was studying in Stony Brook University, the home campus in New York, he found an internship opportunity at a real estate company. Also, while studying in Korea, he worked at several IT companies such as Naver and Fintech Startup as an intern.

Then Kang found his job in the shipping and logistics company. At that time, he was interested in how the APM-Maersk Group was moving forward to incorporate blockchain technology into a complex and inefficient international logistics network. Kang found this movement very appealing as he majored in Technological Systems Management. Kang said, “The most attractive part was observing the dynamic aspects of our export powerhouse industry in the field.”

Kang finished the interview as he shared his goal: “At first, I felt like I was running on an endless track after the series of hardships, but instead of being frustrated, I tried to look for my weaknesses and prepared to find a company that is right for me. My first goal is to grow myself to a level that can handle the tasks of large export businesses in the field of logistics.”

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Date: March 20, 2019


Translated by Minsung Ku