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The Cincy-A Trio Music Concert

SUNY Koreaㅣ2018-10-31 13:02


On October 30, the Cincy-A Trio visited SUNY Korea to perform this semester’s Music concert held at 7pm in the Multicomplex Building. The concert was divided into two sessions: Piano Trio in G Major, L.3, and Piano Trio No.2 in E-flat Major, D.929. 

The Cincy-A Trio, established in 2015, consisted of Eun Hye Son on the violin, Eun-Joung Kim on the piano, and Jihye Kim on the cello. The three are graduates of the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. The night was eventful as they have never performed in Incheon even though they have held annual concerts in the southern parts of Korea. 

Opening the night with Andantino con moto allegro, the trio demonstrated how three distinct instruments played by three different people could create harmony. “Playing as chamber music rather than as solos is difficult,” Eun-Joung Kim said, as we need to listen to each other while balancing the sounds.” Further, she elaborated that analyzing the music is another challenge for them as they try to accomplish their goal, to engage with the audience.

The night was meaningful for both students and musicians as the event was in homage to the composer Claude Debussy, in the first session of the concert, and Franz Schubert, in the second session. The concert provided students with a cultural and recreational time after the midterm exam season. Just like the trio created harmony through listening and adjusting to each other’s sounds, we hope students will be able to create harmony through comprehending each other’s differences. 

Editor: Eun Jin Cho