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Career Talk To You #2

SUNY Koreaㅣ2018-11-27 17:52

On November 21, 2018, under the auspices of SUNY Korea’s Career Center, the talk entitled ‘Career Talk to You’ was presented by David Choi. David Choi, a former team leader of the Mobile Communications team at Samsung Electronics America, now works as the CEO of Sonacle. Through extensive experience over thirteen years, he has become familiar with the interview process and is recognized as a successful career coach.  

After describing his professional experiences in large and small companies, Choi emphasized that students must first discover “why” they desire certain career paths. He gave students an exercise whereby they wrote a bucket list of thirty things they want to do, a description of who they want to be in the future, and a list of what makes them happy. Choi advised students to consider their source of happiness before rashly submitting applications to big corporations. Corporate culture and structure may differ considerably based upon the work environment.

Recognizing the diversity of SUNY Korea students, Choi advised taking full advantage of the international program and networks. He specifically addressed the advantageous 3 + 1 program of SUNY Korea Stony Brook University, which allows students to study for one year in New York. He also described the opportunities for OPT and internships.

Providing professional tips regarding successful applications and interviews, Choi indicated the importance of perfecting resumes and addressing teamwork. He elaborated the need for students to “put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes” when presenting themselves because it is “80% career facts, 20% marketing” through visual gestures. As a CEO himself, he emphasized that companies of this era look for applicants knowledgeable with KPI and capable of team-work and communicating within a team.

David Choi’s visit to SUNY Korea provided beneficial information to students who are preparing for internships during the winter break. It also helped learners who aspire to find a career after graduation. Unlike common lecture, David Choi’s ‘Career Talk To You’ was interactive and thought-provoking for students needing to plan for their future.

Editor: Eun Jin Cho