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Spring 2019, SUNY Korea Club Expo

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-03-18 17:51

March 6, 2019 – The SUNY Korea Club Expo held in early March drew many student participants who gathered to learn more about SUNY Korea’s dynamic student clubs. Well-known clubs such as TIOS, Emeis, Laboon, and ICC along with newly established clubs like Co;Ders ran information booths on their clubs.

Emeis and Ground Up, both dance clubs, their performances do the talking. Ground Up gave some hip-hop performances, while Emeis showed videos of their previous hip-hop performances. The two clubs also announced that they’re preparing for a joint performance. 

Laboon and Be-It, student bands at SUNY Korea, and Rock Ground, a hip-hop club, shared their plansto explore different musical genres. 

A member of TIOS, Incheon Global Campus’ top basketball team, remarked: “We arepreparing well for the upcoming IGC Sports Tournament Championship, and we hope many student come and cheer us on and enjoy the games with other universities.” 

Members of Co;Ders, a new club, commented on how much they enjoyed being a part of the event, and how they hoped to break the invisible barrier that blocks students from studying computer science.

Woo Chul Kim, President of the Undergraduate Student Council (USC), commented, “Compared to last semester, the number of clubs increased tremendously. I’m thrilled to see students actively working together at school.”

Kim also announced that he is looking forward to organizing a bigger sports tournament with other universities located in the Incheon area to provide a better college experience for SUNY Korea students. He added that the USC is trying its best to provide student clubs with bigger budgets for more varied club activities. 

The Club Expo was held in the spirit of SUNY Korea’s new university cultural campaign called “Be Yourself,” which itself drew much student interest. 

Editor: Minsung Ku / Leanne Patterson-Shin