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2019 F/W Seoul Fashion Week Mentoring Seminar

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-04-05 16:29

On March 21, 2019, SUNY Korea FIT freshmen students participated the mentoring seminar at DDP Crea hall.


In the seminar, five famous fashion business experts, who are the leaders of the high fashion online market,

presented and discussed “The future of E-commerce,” one of the most significant issues in the current fashion

industry. The mentors were: Costanza Lombardi, a women’s wear buyer of London high-end select shop

‘Browns’, Thibaud Etcheberry, a men’s wear buyer of ‘Browns’, Danny Stienan, a buyer of Milan high-end select

shop ‘Antonioli’, Nicole Spellman, a buyer of ‘Barneys New York’, and Michal Kurtis, a women’s merchandising

manager of ‘Barneys New York’.

Danny Stienan, buyer of Antonioli, anticipated the future of E-commerce that voice assistant will be commonly

used in shopping. He mentioned that robots and drones will be widely used in product delivery in a near future,

as Amazon is already providing delivery and tracking services using robots and GPS. According to Browns

women’s wear buyer, Costanza Lombardi, the online market is continuously growing, but online buying rate is

only 7% of the whole. This rate, however, will increase up to 25% by 2025. She emphasized that retail stores

should be a part of omnichannel which creates revenue from both online and offline without a clear distinction.

Two ladies from Barneys New York also added that no matter which channel customers use to access a

company’s website, the company should focus on providing customized shopping experiences to the customers. 

Sunwoo Choe, one of FBM students participated in the seminar, said “the seminar was like an extension of the

fashion marketing class that I took last semester. I was glad that I understood all the terms like omnichannel,

E-commerce, and rebranding. FIT students also had a productive discussion time with Michal Kurtis who is an

alumna of FIT New York. She advised the students to have lots of real world experience through internship and

shared her own story about working at a Channel store when she was in college. 

Not only the mentoring seminar, but several fashion shows did the FIT students attend throughout the fashion

week. SUNY Korea FIT provided fashion show tickets for the students, and the competition to get the tickets for

famous designer shows such as D-antidote was fierce among students.

Edited by Dayei Kim