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FIT Korea holds first Alumni Gathering

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-05-30 10:47

May 23, 2019 – FIT Korea’s first Alumni Gathering was held in Hosting House in Seoul on May 23. The event welcomed 33 alumni who graduated from FIT New York, as well as 22 students and 6 staff members from FIT Korea.  

Students mingled with the graduates—who found careers in companies like Ralph Lauren, Samsung Logics, and Hansum as well as in their own textile or export businesses—garnering advice on marketing, merchandising, and designing.

Second-year students poised to graduate this fall were especially interested in hearing about majors offered at FIT New York as well as the study-abroad program in Florence, Italy.

The alumni encouraged students to pursue various experiences like internships to find the right careers and revealed some differences between the Korean and American fashion industries. 

A graduating student from FBM commented about the event, “I feel less afraid and confused about my new school life in New York and my future career path, after having conversations with several alumni.”

FIT Korea will continue to offer more opportunities to foster active interaction between FIT graduates and current students. As part of this initiative, the Fashion Business Management Department will hold its first symposium on May 30 under the theme “Women in Leadership,” with some alumni in attendance.

Written by: Dayei Kim

Edited by: Leanne Patterson-Shin


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