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SUNY Korea PhD grand prize winner at 2019 Global Applied Game Jam

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-08-19 17:59

The 7th Global Applied Game Jam competition organized by POSTECH was held from Aug. 7 to 9, 2019.

Fifty-five student participants from around the world including South Korea, the Netherlands, China and the

United States, competed in teams of five to create an original game inspired by the theme “Food for the Future,”

demonstrating their creativity and imagination. 

The winning team consisted of Mr. Jae-ha Choi, a current doctoral student in STEM at SUNY Korea, as well as

other students from the Korea National University of Arts, Pohang University of Science and Technology, and

Kimpo University. The event lasted for three days and each group focused on creating a game. Mr. Choi’s team

created the "Fast Breaker - Breaking Exercise Machine," which requires the player to exercise first in order to eat

breakfast. The game won the grand prize.

On the key to his team’s success, Mr. Choi commented, “Team members' trust toward each other, and strong

team spirit that helped us face challenges despite repeated failures, made our win possible,” adding, “If

game-related research is possible, it would be interesting to study and pay attention to its impact on education." 

The 7th Global Applied Game Jam offers participants an opportunity for global experience and is a stage for

displaying future technology of the fourth industrial revolution.

Written by Taehyung Park

Edited by Leanne Patterson Shin


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