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[Interview] Principals of Int'l Schools in Indonesia visit SUNY Korea

SUNY Koreaㅣ2019-11-15 18:10

November 7, 2019 – Five principals of international schools in Indonesia and President Daniel Baek from Korea Wales International Christian School visited SUNY Korea in early November. The principals attended a SUNY Korea information session to learn about the Stony Brook University and FIT curriculums and the academic programs offered at SUNY Korea. 

After the session and campus tour, we spoke with Justina Iwan, who is the school board secretary of Methodist School in Jakarta, about her visit to SUNY Korea. 

Question (Q): Please briefly introduce your school.

Justina Iwan (JI): I am the school board secretary of Methodist School in Jakarta. Our school is one of the most respected schools in Jakarta as it is appointed and credited by the government. We provide a high quality of education from kindergarten to high school at a lower tuition fee compared to schools in the downtown area. Twenty-two percent of our students study abroad in countries such as Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. We expect some students to study abroad in Korea in the future. 

Q: How did you find out about SUNY Korea?

JI: I heard about SUNY Korea from the president of Korea Wales International Christian School, Daniel Baek, who has very good relationship with us, Methodist School in Jakarta. 

Q: Could you tell us your impression of SUNY Korea after the info session?

JI: The information session made me think that SUNY Korea is quite an interesting university. In particular, the school Korea values flipped learning, developing the character of its students, and future-oriented academic programs. It is a university that responds to future needs which I think is very important. 

Q: What advantages do you think SUNY Korea could offer the students at your school?

JI: We want our students to be global leaders in the future and I think SUNY Korea can help students to achieve that in the global learning environment. I was also impressed by the conditional enrollment. This is very interesting and motivating because it allows students to understand what they are passionate about and explore different majors before actual university enrollment. They will be better prepared academically in advance. 

Q: What do you think about the campus environment?

JI: I think SUNY Korea has a very good learning environment. It is quiet and safe around the campus. This is very important for students, since it offers fewer distractions and allows them to focus on academics. The campus is very clean as well. 

Q: Would you like to collaborate with SUNY Korea in the future?

JI: In the future, we hope to collaborate with SUNY Korea by signing an MOU to help our students be better prepared. We could also recommend some excellent students in our school to SUNY Korea. 

Q: Lastly, do you have any message for high school students? 

JI: I would like to encourage future college students to study hard and stay away from things that can hurt them such as drugs and alcohol. These unnecessary things can corrupt your future. And I would like to emphasize that there are many prestigious schools in the world that can help you achieve your passions and dreams.  

Written by Sungwon Hyun

Edited by Leanne Patterson-Shin


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