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SUNY Korea Wha Suk Lee’s team, Selected in the Finals in ‘2020 Promis…

SUNY Koreaㅣ2020-09-21 15:44

(Wonki Min, president of SUNY Korea, delivered a certificate on behalf of Deputy Primes Minister Eun-hae Yoo to Wha Suk Lee, who was selected for ‘2020 Promising Student Startup 300’ - September 11, 2020)

SUNY Korea Wha Suk Lee’s team,  Selected in the Finals in ‘2020 Promising Student Startup 300’  online competition with Artificial Intelligence Sports Device

SUNY Korea held an awards ceremony to deliver the ‘2020 Promising Student Startup 300’ certificate to Wha Suk Lee on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Eun-hae Yoo at the president’s office. 

‘Promising Student Startup 300’ is the nation’s largest student startup competition hosted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and ICT. The competition is also organized by the Korea Research Foundation and the Korea Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation, and this year was its 5th competition. 

Wha Suk Lee, a student at SUNY Korea, and his team from Incheon University, Ye Chan Kweon (Mechatronics Engineering), Seok Hwan We (Information and Communication Engineering), and Hyuk Jae Lee (Design), were selected as one of the final 300 startup teams among 886 teams in the competition. His team, Curing Innos, developed an artificial intelligence customized tennis ball machine that can be used regardless of time and the number of people by utilizing computer vision technology. In addition, they are preparing to be selected in the top 50 teams in the ‘2020 Industrial-Academic Cooperation Expo Prototype Exhibition’ (산학협력 엑스포 시제품 전시회) and receive a total prize of 50 million won.

Wha Suk Lee is the leader of the software team and is in charge of the overall technology of the team. He said, “I wanted to study artificial intelligence and computer vision more deeply because I enjoyed learning them in class, but I’m currently applying the knowledge I have learned to this project and am having an out-of-class experience,” and that, “When I first started developing it, I started with nothing but passion. However, seeing these achievements, I’m looking forward to seeing what our team will be like next year.” He also added that he would like to see a lot of customized tennis ball smart devices being mass-produced and actually being used in the real field. 

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