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2021 Intensive English Teacher Program has come to an end

SUNY Koreaㅣ2021-09-01 16:36

2021 Intensive English Teacher Program (commissioned by East Asia Global Education Institute of Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education) successfully ended on August 20. The teachers shared what they achieved, and all the participants celebrated the successful completion of their training on the last day.


Throughout the program, the teachers and the mentors worked very hard to achieve educational values of community-based learning (CBL) including communication, partnership, collaboration, decision-making, and school culture in their lesson development.

*CBL aims to connect what is learnt in classrooms to communities including local institutions, history, heritage, cultures, languages, and natural environments.


The program was the very first official training opportunity for teachers since the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education introduced a new curriculum called Village-Resource Linked Education as part of East Asian Citizenship Education.


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