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2018 Spring IGC Sports Tournament

SUNY Koreaㅣ2018-04-25 17:41

The Spring 2018 IGC Sports Tournament was held for two days, on April 10th and 12th, and SUNY Korea participated with all four universities in Incheon Global Campus(IGC) at the IGC gymnasium.

The main events included badminton, soccer, basketball, relay race, and other various categories, as well as celebratory performances by multiple dance clubs of universities at IGC.

SUNY Korea’s badminton team and basketball team TIOS, were able to win the first place, garnering praise from students. 

As the four universities in IGC don't get a lot of opportunities to meet, this was a meaningful event for all students who participated. 

2018 Spring IGC Sports Tournament | Click to visit SUNY Korea YouTube Channel

Editor: Hyunji "Angie" Lee (SUNY Korea PR Team)


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